Creating a 3D landing page for a corporate event with SharePoint spaces

Creating a 3D landing page for a corporate event

As described in my first discovery article about SharePoint spaces, the key findings are:

  • SharePoint space is not a webpart or a set of web parts. It is rather a new “space” to organize specific 3D webparts so it is a new sort of page and it is placed at the same level as pages in SharePoint hierarchy. In this space (like in normal page) you have access to webparts (3D webparts here).
  • No need to have complex 3D objects to put in your space, you have several cool ways to organize and present 2D objects (see Adding 2D Webparts in the space).
  • You have right now basically four actions available : inspect, link to another space, play audio, link to a page or item.

Here are the basic steps of any SharePoint spaces configuration:

  1. Creating my landscape
  2. Creating my 3D objects
  3. Giving life to the space by setting actions
  4. Resulting space and next steps

1. Creating my landscape

I would highly recommend to have already defined and collected all your destination links. In my case, it is a corporate meeting with a live event in the morning and several workshops in parallel during the afternoon. These events, channels and organization have been created into Teams.

So it’s easy to get the links to the corresponding meetings

In SharePoint space, I just created a space, I choose the spiral structure

and a cool landscape picture

To make your space more customized or more contextual you have four choices:

Image is a real picture. Only natural landscape are available here.

Illustration is a very schematize picture with only two options. One landscape with mountains and trees (the one below) and one with sand dunes.

Color is a solid background.

Custom 360° file provide the best way to define a more corporate landscape. With this file:

Business Data Analysis Strategy Marketing Graph Concept

you get the very cool view like that:

2. Creating my 3D objects

From there it is easy to put images and text artefact

Images can be selected from Stock Images (like in PowerPoint) or from SharePoint and OneDrive libraries:

Each object in the 3D space can be manipulated on a cube space :

Here is the resulting display:

On the left I have access to my plenary meeting and on the right I put 4 images one for each workshop.

In order not to have an empty space in front of the these images, I put an “Image 360°” webpart with a podium in front of that. The flat image is this one:

and it appears on the sphere in front of the screens giving access to the meeting rooms. It could obviously be bigger if needed.

3. Giving life to the space by setting actions

As said above you don’t have much actions available to give live to your small 3D world 😊. Here, for my needs, I have exactly what I need: link to a page or an item.

It is supper easy to select each image and set the “on trigger” (understand “on click” action)

once this done et space republished, you just have to click on your artefact in the 3D space (here my image) to jump outside the space to the Teams meeting:

And this was our business requirements.

4. Resulting space and next steps

So here is the resulting 3D space that could favorably be compared to a similar SharePoint landing page:

So for my first real business case with SharePoint space, I am pretty convinced by the fact it makes 3D design really easy and accessible to (almost) everybody. I feel confident that we can provide new innovative and interactive ways to share content using SharePoint spaces.

But as usual, we can expect and wait for more interactions than the 4 first ones.

And 3D design and content mastering is definitely not a quick and simple. So to improve your skills in this area that can be used in PowerPoint as well, Microsoft published an interesting page 3D Content Guidelines for Microsoft linking to this interesting a PowerPoint deck

Let me know if you find this example useful and what are your findings and feelings with SharePoint spaces in particular and with the whole Microsoft 365 in general.

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